All-Type Hydraulic Pumps

Caterpillar Truck Rebuilt Hydraulic Pumps

MachineType Component Manuf Part # OEM # Qty
Cat Truck 769B Steering Pump Geartek 3G5869 8J2389
Cat Truck 769B Transmission Pump Cat 6P0824 6P0824 1
Cat Truck 769C Hyd. Hoist Pump Tyrone GT7037 9J1295 1
Cat Truck 769C Hyd.Steering Pump Cat 9J1297 9T9099 1
Cat Truck 769C Transmission Charging Pump Cat 3P8211 3P8211 1
Cat Truck 769C Water Truck Pump Cat GT8111 9J4983
Cat Truck 769C/773B scavenge,charging and brake pump. Cat 6T4257 6T4257 1
Cat Truck 771D Transmission Pump Cat 111-6841 111-6841 1
Cat Truck 773 Hydraulic Steering Pump Vickers 9J5060 9J5060 1
Cat Truck 773 Steering Pump Tyrone 2G8082 2G8082 1
Cat Truck 773 Transmission Pump Cat 6P0824 3P8211
Cat Truck 773/769 Hydraulic Transmission Pump Cat 6P0824 6P0824 3
Cat Truck 773B Steering Pump (Cast Iron) Tyrone 6E4772 6E4772 1
Cat Truck 773B Hoist Pump Geartek GT7198 3G5868 1
Cat Truck 773B Hyd. Steering Pump Geartek GT7015 9J1294 1
Cat Truck 773B/769C Transmission Pump Cat 6T3935 6T3935 1
Cat Truck 773D/E Hoist and Brake Pump Cat 111-8399 244-3304 1
Cat Truck 776 Commercial Water Truck Motor Cat M75C878BE0R3011
Cat Truck 777 Hydraulic Steering Orbital Ross HGB40122 6G3050 8
Cat Truck 777 Hydraulic Steering Pump Tyrone 8J5945 8J5945 1
Cat Truck 777 Hydraulic Steering Pump Geartek GT7089 8J5945
Cat Truck 777 721143 SOFT GOODS KIT FOR GT7253 Geartek
71.65 LIST 5
Cat Truck 777 Hyd. Transmission Pump Cat 6P4257 6P4257 1
Cat Truck 777 Hydraulic Hoist Pump (New) Tyrone 3G5887 137-5169
Cat Truck 777/769 Hydraulic Scavenger Pump Cat 3P8213 3P8213 2
Cat Truck 777/777A,B,C Hoist Pump (New) Geartek GT7253 230-5571 4
Cat Truck 777-A Hydraulic Transmission Pump Cat 2P6961 2P6961 2
Cat Truck 777B Hydraulic Steering Pump Tyrone 4T2590 4T2590 1
Cat Truck 777B Hydraulic Scavenger Pump Cat 6T6148 6T6148 1
Cat Truck 777B Hydraulic Brake and Cooling Pump Cat 9W9310 9W9310 1
Cat Truck 777B Hydraulic Steering Pump Geartek GT7775 6E2046 1
Cat Truck 777B Transmission Pump Cat 3T8089 3T8089 1
Cat Truck 777C Oil Puller Brake Pump Cat 3T3712 3T3712 1
Cat Truck 777C Hydraulic Scavenger Pump Cat 3T8098 3T8098 1
Cat Truck 777D Hoist Pump Cat 169-8563 230-7132 1
Cat Truck 785 Steering Orbital Charlynn 9T4247 9T4247 1
Cat Truck 785 Transmission Pump Cat 3T0360 3T0360
Cat Truck 785/789 Hoist Pump Cat 4T2606 103-4892 1
Cat Truck 785B Hydraulic Steering Pump Eaton 4T0382 184-4503
Cat Truck 785B/789 Hyd Transmission Pump Cat 6T6147 6T4147 1
Cat Truck 785C Steering Pump Cat OR0912 190-2279 1


All-Type Hydraulic Pumps

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