All-Type Hydraulic Pumps

Caterpillar Rebuilt Hydraulic Pumps

All-Type Hydraulic Pumps

MachineType Component Manuf Part # OEM # Qty
Cat Grader 12G Main Hydraulic Pump Cat 8J498 8J0498 1
Cat Grader 12G Transmission Pump Cat 3P0381 3P0381 1
Cat Grader 14/16G Main Hydraulic Pump Cat 4T2767 8J6855 2
Cat Grader 14G Hydraulic Transmission Pump Cat 2P3645 2P3645 1
Cat Grader 16G Hyd. Transmission Pump Cat 2P3645 2P3645 2
Cat Hoe 235 Main Pump Cat 4T2507 4T2507
Cat Hoe 235C Swing Motor Cat 9T3473 9T3473 1
Cat Hoe 235C Track Motor Cat 9T1208 9T1208 1
Cat Hoe 245 Main Pump Cat 3G7230 3G7230
Cat Hoe 245 Swing Motor Cat 4T3068 4T3068 1
Cat Scraper 623 Main Pump Cat 9J5859 9J5859 1
Cat Scraper 637 Bail Pump Cat 1U4758 1U4758 1
Cat Scraper 637 Main Pump Cat 9T5715 9T5715
Cat Scraper 637/637E Scavenger Pump Cat 2P9313 2P9313
Cat Scraper 637D Scavenge Pump Cat 1P4220 1P4220 1
Cat Scraper 637D Transmission Oil Pump Cat 7S4577 7S4577 1
Cat Scraper 637D Transmission Pump Cat 7S2983 7S2983
Cat Truck 769C Hyd.Steering Pump Cat 9J1297 9T9099 1
Cat Truck 769C Transmission Charging Pump Cat 3P8211 6P0824 1
Cat Truck 769C Water Truck Pump Cat GT8111 9J4983
Cat Truck 769C/773B scavenge,charging and brake pump. Cat 6T4257 6T4257 1
Cat Truck 773 Transmission Pump Cat 6P0824 3P8211
Cat Truck 773/769 Hydraulic Transmission Pump Cat 6P0824 6P0824 3
Cat Truck 773B/769C Transmission Pump Cat 6T3935 6T3935 1
Cat Truck 776 Commercial Water Truck Motor Cat M75C878BE0R3011
Cat Truck 777 Hyd. Transmission Pump Cat 6P4257 6P4257 1
Cat Truck 777/769 Hydraulic Scavenger Pump Cat 3P8213 3P8213 2
Cat Truck 777-A Hydraulic Transmission Pump Cat 2P6961 2P6961 2
Cat Truck 777B Hydraulic Scavenger Pump Cat 6T6148 6T6148 1
Cat Truck 777B Hydraulic Brake and Cooling Pump Cat 9W9310 9W9310 1
Cat Truck 777B Transmission Pump Cat 3T8089 3T8089 1
Cat Truck 777C Hydraulic Scavenger Pump Cat 3T8098 3T8098 1
Cat Truck 785 Transmission Pump Cat 3T0360 3T0360
Cat Truck 785/789 Hoist Pump Cat 4T2606 103-4892 1
Cat Truck 785B/789 Hyd Transmission Pump Cat 6T6147 6T4147 1
Cat Truck 785C Steering Pump Cat OR0912 190-2279 1
Cat Loader 980C Transmission Pump Cat 6P7358 6P7358 2
Cat Loader 980G Transmission Pump Cat 136-0529 136-0529 1
Cat Loader 988A Hydraulic Transmission Pump Cat 2S0154 2S0154 2
Cat Loader 988B Hydraulic Transmission Pump Cat 3P0380 3P0380 4
Cat Loader 988B Transmission Pump Cat 3T5446 3T5446 1
Cat Loader 988B/F Valve Cat 9J4693 9J4693 1
Cat Loader 992B Transmission Pump Cat 3P2927 3P2927 1
Cat Loader 992C Hydraulic Transmission Pump Cat 3P9240 3P9240 4
Cat Loader 992C Main Pump (Variable 4T2506) Cat 3G7230 3G7230 2
Cat Loader 992C/D Main Pump Fixed Cat 3G2848 3G2848 1
Cat Loader 992C/D Main Slipper Pump Fixed Cat 1U3840 1U3840 1
Cat Loader 992D Braking Pump Cat RPMC115-2A-SS 3G6916 1
Cat Loader 992G Implement Pump Cat 112-5381 112-5381 1
Cat Dozer 9T6905 Drive gear Cat 9T6905 9T6905 1
Cat Dozer D10 Scavenger Pump Cat 3P7793 3P7793 2
Cat Dozer D10 Transmission Pump Cat 9P9962 9P9962 1
Cat Dozer D10N Cold Start Pump Cat 9T9840 9T9840 1
Cat Dozer D10N Main Pump (Same as D9L 4T6020) Cat 9T1080 9T1080 2
Cat Dozer D11 Scavenger Pump Cat 9G8081 9G8081 1
Cat Dozer D11N/R Hyd. Scavenger Pump Cat 6Y0484 6Y0484 1
Cat Dozer D11R Carry Dozier Transmission Pump Cat 142-5000 142-5000 1
Cat Dozer D4H Transmission Pump Cat 3T7897 3T7897 1
Cat Dozer D6/D7H Steering Pump Cat GT7854 9T6813 1
Cat Dozer D6H/ D7H Transmission Pump Cat 3T1445 3T1445 1
Cat Dozer D7H LGPWinch Pump Cat 3T8359 3T8359
Cat Dozer D8L Transmission Pump Cat 3T0301 3T0301 1
Cat Dozer D9 Scavenger Pump Cat 7S7400 7S7400 1
Cat Dozer D9 Transmission Pump Cat 2P9239 115-0637 0
Cat Dozer D9H Ripper Valve Cat 3G0601 3G0601 1
Cat Dozer D9L/D9N/D10N Transmission, Scavenge Pump Cat 6T9651 6T9651 5


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